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(Taiwan) Business Strategy Analyst

  • Application Info

    • Location: Tainan, Taiwan (On-site Work)

    • Job Type: Full-time

  • Job Description and Duties

  1. Assist with the establishment of company business strategy

  2. Assist with fundraising material preparation

  3. Conduct business cases study and trends analysis based on project

  4. Project financial modeling and projection

  5. Conduct data gathering and analysis, and deliver a logical conclusion

  6. Report writing and presentation


  •  Applicant Requirements

  1. Bachelor’s degree in economics, finance, statistics or management

  2. 2+ years of relevant experience in the industry

  3. Knowledge reserve of business in technology industry

  4. Capability of data analysis by using tools

  • Personal Traits We Preferred

  1. Self-disciplined/ Motivated

  2. Be detail-oriented and analytical thinking

  3. Good teamwork capability

  4. Good communication and presentation skills in English

  5. Willing to work towards challenging goals 

  • Position Advantages

  1. Opportunity to liaise and network with the startup ecosystem

  2. A promising vocation to see the bigger picture

To apply for this position, please email your cover letter and resume to:

We are looking forward to your passionate onboarding!

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