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(UK/Taiwan) Aerodynamics Engineering Internship

  • Application Info

    • Internship Duration: 3 to 6 months (based on the academic calendar of the applicant)

    • Location: London, UK / Tainan, Taiwan

  • Abstract

This internship is intended to evaluate the aerodynamics of an urban eVTOL (electrical vertical Take off and Landing) vehicle and to improve the capabilities and efficiency of an evolutionary design.

This project includes the application of the improvements to a scaled model, remotely piloted vehicle, and the evaluation of the performance changes. The project will conclude with a proposition of changes to be applied to a full scale vehicle.

  • Background

​Bellwether Industries is a start-up which focuses on providing comprehensive solutions for Urban Air Mobility. As part of its portfolio, Bellwether Industries is developing a new type of flying vehicle called “Volar”. Volars are eVTOL designed for urban use and intra-city transportation. Their main features are a hidden propulsion system, a lifting body, and a compact size. 


  • Interns' Objectives

    • Gain knowledge about eVTOL, urban flying vehicles, advanced air mobility.

    • Gain knowledge about aerodynamics in an urban environment.

    • Define the goals and objectives for aerodynamics improvement and changes.

    • Propose and evaluate the changes via simulation or actual flight.

  • Statement of Work

As an intern with Bellwether Industries, you will work with other interns and engineers on the design, analysis, and evaluation of new aerodynamics configurations. Your tasks may include:

  1. Developing CAD models of urban eVTOL for evaluation.

  2. Applying CFD simulation to CAD models and performing analysis of results.

  3. Modeling urban eVTOL for performance, stability and safety.

  4. Generating code for automatic CFD computations using classic algorithms or Artificial Intelligence. 

  5. Performing aerodynamic analysis of components. 

  6. Working as a team with the prototyping team to produce parts and vehicles for flight tests. 

  7. Support the flight test team during test phases.

  • Requirements

    • Enrolled in a university degree in Aeronautical or Mechanical engineering.

    • Be available to work full-time for 12 or more weeks during the internship.

    • Have an interest in aerodynamics and are eager to explore unusual aerodynamics configurations and solutions.

    • Great confidence in the ability to use CFD software.

    • Have knowledge of Manned and/or Unmanned Aircraft systems.

    • Have participated in STEM projects or have a ‘maker’ attitude.

    • Good communication skills in English and/or Mandarin. ​​

 ​If you are interested in our internship programme, please email your CV ​to

We are looking forward to your passionate onboarding!

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