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Bellwether Industrie's first volar prototype was partnering with Axalta to provide a fine finishing.

Bellwether industries Limited, a London based startup, has announced project Antelope - a brand new design of flying vehicle targeting future urban air mobility. They defined it as a new category of urban air mobility vehicle, called 'volar'. The aim of Bellwether Industries is to reshape transportation, urban infrastructure, and peoples’ lifestyle in the coming years. They took volars as a starting point.

The Pursuit of Details

Bellwether Industries has cared very much about details. They created a high strength carbon fiber body, and use the best coatings to create a very beautiful surface. It has multiple layers of paints, flakes coatings, and finishing. The proposal of color plan and coating has been discussed with Axalta carefully and constantly and expected to achieve the highest standard for the prototype. Axalta is having an international professional team, expertise, and facilities. The ultimate quality made a huge success to make the project attractive and eye-catching.

Axalta Coating Systems

Axalta (NYSE: AXTA), a leading global manufacturer of liquid and powder coatings, recently provided support to Bellwether Industries Limited by designing the color and providing paint for Volar, the prototype for Bellwether’s revolutionary urban air mobility solution. 

As a global leader in colors and coating technologies, Axalta has provided vehicle brands with value service and product solution, from color technologies, design to coating applications. Axalta is also committed to working closely with customers to express their brand identity and uniqueness through colors.

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