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Bellwether Stories | CH. 2 THE DESIGN

It was a very long process to design Antelope. We are trying to create a new type of vehicle, volar, it is difficult to make it original, unique, beautiful, and functional. It was challenging, but it was fun and full of passion at the same time.

As we are designing the first volar, we need to create a ducted system that allows it to have smooth airflow and great aerodynamics. We also need to find a delicate balance between having enough air intake and output and having a compact profile.

We care about the design.

When we started from the design, we pictured the users and scenarios and specified the true needs. We tried so hard to explore what may a volar look like, that combines the great design with the great engineering.

Design is the first impression and whether people will trust this type of vehicle and imagine using them or not.

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