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Bellwether Stories | CH. 4 THE PROCESS

The goal was clear and our vision was surrounded by our passion. There is no better way than putting ourselves deeply in something we profoundly believe in. We care about the detail, bring in expertise, think and do whole heartedly, and always dream big. Via running complete design and development process, we drain all our best ideas and aim for the best solution for urban air mobility. The process was long and challenging, but fruitful.

Project Gazelle was an inception of a great vision.

We started Project Gazelle since 2013 to explore urban air mobility. We researched, defined, designed, manufactured, and tested. We exhibited our first prototype in YODEX in Taipei in 2015, and was having a great feedback. It has been taken as a declaration of our full devotion toward bringing urban air mobility into a reality and pursuing after a better life.

We review and revise and never give up on producing a better design. Project Antelope has become a continuation of our concept and beliefs, and the journey goes on. We have a dream, and we are turning it into a reality.

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