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(Taiwan) Drone Engineer/Technician

Experimental Builder and Operator (EBO) of Urban Unmanned Aircraft System (UUAS)

  • Application Info

    • Location: Tainan, Taiwan

    • Job Type: Full-time Engineer/Technician

  • General Duties

Supports the development of Urban Flying Vehicle for personal transportation by performing duties as a builder and operator of scaled versions of the vehicle, and shall build and operate scaled versions in Taiwan and may travel overseas in the UK and the UAE to support flight tests.

The EBO is responsible for coordinating the design, procurement, assembly, testing, ground operation and flight operations of scaled versions of Urban Advanced Air Mobility vehicles and the associated systems. 

The EBO's duties will be providing the vehicles as a service to support product development, sensor integration, flight controls development, aerodynamics evaluation, flight operation development. The main goals will be to provide innovative solutions, effective resources and operational vehicles in an environment where safety is paramount. 

The selected individual will be comfortable with the startup environment, the work associated with an experimental program, and the multicultural identity of the company.


  • Responsibilities

  1. Work with engineering specialists and partners to plan, schedule, and build RC scaled models and associated systems. 

  2. Work on modifications, repairs, and maintenance of UUAS.

  3. Use knowledge, technical data ,and judgment to evaluate, forecast ,or troubleshoot issues.

  4. Train and manage other team members as they join and support your activities

  5. Train and support other team members to collect results for their ground / flight tests as they develop their systems.

  6. Maintain, and update UUAS compliance according to local aviation regulations.

  7. Adheres to applicable laws and regulations at all operational locations.

  8. Ensures compliance with company policy and procedures.


  • Required Qualifications

  1. 5+ years of relevant experience in UAV/drone design, maintenance and operation.

  2. Remote pilot license with experience in experimental aircraft.

  3. Hands-on experience in building and maintaining UAV/drone and UAS systems.

  4. Highly effective communication skills and team-building attitude.

  • Desired Qualifications

  1. Experience in unusual aircraft configurations and flight control

  2. Experience in software development for UAS software (ground or flight SW)

  3. Multiple UAS platform experience

  4. Composite manufacturing and repair experience

  • Mindset

  1. Motivation to create something new and challenging

  2. Ability to create a path when it does not exist

  3. Believer into making the impossible while keeping a realistic mindset

To apply for this position, please email cover letter and resume to:

We are looking forward to your passionate onboarding!

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