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(UAE) Robot Senior Technician

  • Experience and Skills

  1. Minimum 8 years in CNC milling manufacturing

  2. Good knowledge of soft material milling (foam, wood, MDF, epoxy fairing resin)

  3. Good knowledge of aluminium material milling

  4. Minimum 5 years in robot operating

  5. Milling expert

  6. Good Kuka robot knowledge, including KRC2 and KRC3 controllers

  • Software and Systems Knowledge Requirement

  1. Delcam robot tool-path generation: advanced

  2. KRC 2/ KRC 3 Kuka controller knowledge: advanced

  3. Siemens 808D controller knowledge: advanced

  4. Siemens NX12 CAD: fluent

  • General Duties

  1. Ensure that the CNC routers are operated properly and are clean and serviced at all times.

  2. Ensure that the Kuka robots are operated properly and are clean and serviced at all times.


  • Tooling and Parts Production Duties

  1. Conduct production of the parts.

  2. Ensure that the production of parts is efficient and accurate.

  3. Record the production timing required for each part.

  4. Consign the fabrication times and stock weights in the appropriate software table.

  5. Verify parts tolerances and mechanical assembly clearances.

  6. Verify general part surface quality.

  7. Verify logging of machine hours and machine problems by the technician on the machine log.

  8. Advise when maintenance is required on the machine.

  9. Verify cutters stock, cutters condition.

  10. Verify that the machines, room and tools are clean at all times. Verify that the tools are back in their respective positions at the end of the day, that the machines are clean of all chips, that the bins are emptied daily.

  • Programming Duties

  1. Read and analyse the CAD generated by the design engineer.

  2. Operate the CAM program to generate toolpath.

  3. Note machining times and stock weights in the appropriate excel files to generate cost sheets. Verify versus actual times and stock weight.

  4. Modify cost sheets in case of discrepancies and generate a warning of non-compliance with times to project managers.

     ​If you are interested in this position, please email your CV ​to

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