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(Taiwan) Aerospace Engineer

  • Application Info

    • Location: Tainan, Taiwan (On-site Work)

    • Job Type: Full-time Aerospace Engineer

    • NTD 55K+ per month

    • Compensation is negotiable based on individual experience

  • Job Description and Duties

  1. Participate in aircraft structure and subsystems design

  2. Participate in aircraft simulation and optimisation

  3. Research and analysis of the status of present and future trends of aircraft-related technologies

  4. Conduct other projects following instructions from department head on project goals, technical direction


  •  Applicant Requirements

  1. Bachelor’s degree in aerospace/ mechanical engineering

  2. 2+ years of relevant experience in the industry

  3. Knowledge of fluid dynamics

  4. Knowledge of engineering techniques to include requirements analysis and design methodologies

  5. Experience on the use of related CFD modeling software 

  • Personal Traits We Preferred

  1. Self-disciplined/ Motivated

  2. Enthusiastic in exploring new technologies

  3. Innovative and analytical thinking

  4. Good teamwork capability

  5. Fluent English communication

  6. Willing to work towards challenging goals 

  • Position Advantages

  1. Participate in advanced development projects

  2. Participate in the product development from initial concept to manufacturing

  3. Opportunities to work with international professional engineering teams

To apply for this position, please email your cover letter and resume to:

We are looking forward to your passionate onboarding!

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