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What is a volar?

"Volar" is what we defined as a new category of transportation, a UAM aircraft for private use. Our volar will explore all options of intracity travel and the future lifestyle.

To live in harmony with humans and the city, we believe that a volar must fulfil the following requirements. 

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Vertical take-off & landing

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Compact Profile

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City Compatibility

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Hidden Propulsion System

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Environmentally Friendly




Introducing Oryx, the latest volar model announced in London in 2022 by Bellwether.
As the third generation of volars, Oryx features significant advancements in airframe design for improved flight efficiency and control to sustain stable performance. Oryx offers extended flight duration and optimal performance for navigating complex urban environments. 
Oryx is currently being actively tested in Dubai.

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261022 [MK_MM] Edited Oryx Render 04-2_edited.jpg

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