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(Taiwan) Operations Manager

  • Application Info

    • Location: Tainan, Taiwan (On-site Work)

    • Job Type: Full-time

    • Salary: NTD 40K+ per month

    • Compensation is negotiable based on individual experience

  • Job Description and Duties

  1. Implementing and monitoring the accounting and financial affairs in daily operations.

  2. Conduct budget reviews and provide regular cost reporting to senior management.

  3. Pay attention to trends in the relevant industry, and help with developing departmental goals and objectives which directly support the strategic plan and vision of the company.

  4. Organise and establish financial and valuation models to assist in providing recommendations for fundraising strategy planning.

  5. Assist in management and communication across departments, and distribute resources efficiently. 

  6. Conduct internal standardisation and process optimisation within the company.

  7. Assist in the preparation of other cross-department projects.


  •  Applicant Requirements

  1. Bachelor’s degree in business administration management or finance or relevant field.

  2. 5+ years of relevant experience in company operations.

  3. Have excellent crisis management and problem-solving ability.

  4. A comprehensive knowledge reserve of business and capability of strategy analysis.

  • Personal Traits We Preferred

  1. Self-disciplined/ Motivated

  2. Rigorous attitude

  3. Good teamwork capability

  4. Good communication and presentation skills in English

  5. Willing to work towards challenging goals 

  • Position Advantages

  1. Attend international events and forums.

  2. Foster diverse career development.

  3. Participate in advanced development projects.

  4. Opportunity to liaise and network with the startup ecosystem internationally.

  • Welfare

  1. Flexible working modes

  2. Health and Labour Insurance

  3. Snacks and Coffee

  4. Multicultural working environment

To apply for this position, please email your cover letter and resume to:

We are looking forward to your passionate onboarding!

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