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Bellwether Industries is partnering with Enata Aerospace to visualize the future of UAM.

'Volar', which they defined as a new category of flying vehicle with unexposed propulsion system, wingless design, and a compact profile that is specifically targeting at the urban air transport market, has now been brought up to us by Bellwether Industries. Their first prototype, Antelope with its sleek, futuristic design looks like something out of a science fiction movie, but the concept or flying vehicles is far less pie-in-sky than several decades ago. They are being developed all around the world and could become the future of urban transport.

As Bellwether Industries is intensively pushing the future of urban transportation and expanding the partnership, they are now partnering with ENATA Aerospace, UAE to manufacture and co-develop this innovative flying vehicle (volar) concept.

Team Bellwether Industries was started in London

The London-based Master of Arts course attracts designers from across the globe and reflects a world that increasingly requires vehicles to connect, share, electrify and become autonomous. The graduates of MA Intelligent Mobility, Royal College of Art started the team Bellwether Industries and designed the Antelope: a one-seat, carbon fiber, multi-rotor flying vehicle.

The volar initially demonstrates the ability to hover and tilt to achieve forward motion. The next step will be to take off like a helicopter. This will be followed by a transition to tilted fans. The achieved speed will then generate lift from the body of the car and the Antelope will continue to fly like an airplane. The Antelope is expected to make its inaugural flight in eight to ten weeks.

Enata's leading technology has pushed the boundaries

The development of Antelope has been an intensive journey. This is a brand new concept that no one has ever seen before and it requires reliable techniques and project management abilities to achieve a very high standard. A 60-day limit of the development time is really showing the technology and expertise of Enata Aerospace and is significantly pushing the progress and the future of urban transport.

A 9 kg total weight of the whole body frame and a very strong structure is an extreme success of manufacturing the Antelope prototype. It provides a great start to a continuation of the testing and validation of the engineering.

A firm partnership base of the volar development in UAE

"Nobody can stop the coming future of urban air mobility even though it faces a lot of difficulties across policy, psychology, and technology." Said Olivier, "Human orientation is the only way to prevent such a project from dying in the egg, which is what Bellwether Industries is doing."

As the common value and concepts are shared between Enata Aerospace and Bellwether Industries, the partnership was built up with a pleasure cooperation experience. Been picturing the urban air mobility future together, the partnership in Dubai has really started to grow and been visualized.

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